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INfrared Dome Camera

At CCTV Surveillance Cameras Los Angeles we design, configure and install state of the art surveillance systems for your home and business. We utilize Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology as well as motion sensing cameras providing optimal efficiency. Utilizing visible and infrared sensing technologies we can monitor your business or residence day and night.

At our showroom you will find many different camera technologies on display which are fully functional, thereby demonstrating the utility of various technologies. You can consult with us at this point about the nature of the property which will eventually be under surveillance, the size of the property, number of cameras and so on. We can then demonstrate to you in the showroom the camera which may or may not be the most suitable for a particular locale. Range and resolution are carefully considered during the camera selection phase. High resolution allows for greater detail in the video stream, at increasing ranges detail becomes more important in order to recognize the object or objects being recorded.

Cameras currently on display include but are not limited to, box cameras, dome cameras and motion sensing cameras.

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras come in a variety of form factors and serve a wide array of uses. Not everyone has the technical background and expertise required to correctly customize the system to meet your needs.  That’s why it’s important to hire experts who will provide these services for you. We are those experts.

Our Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras are known throughout the Los Angeles area and our selection is complete.

Call Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras Los Angeles today at 323-655-7326 for more information on how we can serve your security needs. We provide quick, reliable security services in the Los Angeles area. Some of the areas codes serviced: 90001, 90005, 90029, 90089 and others.

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