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A well designed security system is one that accomplishes its objectives. Those objectives are determined by the owner’s expectation of what a security system can do. If a potential owner of a security sytem is not clear about what is possible with today’s technology then the full potential of what the system might have been is never realized. This is why it’s important to be educated about what is available. Our showroom is fully functional and the many different options that are available to you are on display. We will explain to you what the current state of the technology is, what it’s capable of and the prices that are involved.

No system can be optimized without a visit to the property by one of our technicians. When we see the layout and discuss with you what areas you want to monitor and in what detail we will then have an excellent understanding about how to design what’s best. More than this we will also know what the installation process will entail and can therefore make a final cost estimate for the entire system including installation.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom or simply walk in when the time is right. We can demonstrate everything to you, hardware and software. We have PC based and Standalone systems on display and we’d be happy to explain the difference and provide the advice you need to make the most cost conscious and effective decision. We have the expertise to do the design right the first time.

Call Security Surveillance Los Angeles today at 323-655-7326 for more information on how we can serve your security needs. We provide quick, reliable security services in the Los Angeles area. Some of the areas codes serviced: 90001, 90005, 90029, 90089 and others.

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