Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless Security Camera Systems

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Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless security camera systems are CCTV cameras that transmit an audio and video signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band.  Although the systems are wireless, many of the wireless security cameras still require one wire or cable for power; the wireless part refers to the transmission of audio/video.  Not all wireless cameras systems need wire/cable some are operational with batteries therefore making the security cameras truly wireless all over.

The wireless security camera systems are proving to be very popular especially among customers with a modern outlook to security; their popularity is due to low installation costs, eliminating the need to run expensive video extension cables, and more flexible mounting options.  One of the benefits of wireless technology is that the wireless security camera systems can be mounted and installed in locations that were previously inaccessible to standard wired cameras.

Types of Wireless Security Camera Systems

There are two types of wireless security cameras; one is analog wireless which transmits audio and video signals using radio frequencies with a transmission range of 91 meters (300 feet) in unrestricted open spaces,  however if there are doors, walls, and furniture this can reduce the range.

The pros of Analog Wireless security systems

  • Its affordable, low cost of individual cameras
  • It has multiple receivers for each camera.  How this works is the signal from one camera can be picked up my other receivers. Thus its more flexible as you can have receivers in different locations to create a complete wireless network.

The Cons of Analog Wireless security systems

  • The Analog system is susceptible to have interference from devices in the home such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, routers, and video game controllers
  • The signal is insecure – your neighbors will be able to pick up transmission on their devices such as radios etc that are on the same bandwidth
  • Audio and video quality is poor to average, and interference from appliances will lessen the quality even further.

The second type of wireless security camera systems are digital wireless, how this works is digital wireless cameras transmit video and audio signals with the use of encoded digital packets that use high bandwidth radio frequencies.

The Pros of Digital Wireless Cameras

  • The signal is 100% secure; it cannot be picked up by the neighbors on radio or other devices on the same bandwidth.
  • It has a wide transmission range, approximately 450 feet
  • Offers a high quality of audio and video
  • It has a two way communication between receiver and camera
  • Digital give you more flexibility as you can transmit functions and commands such as turning lights off and on.
  • You can also connect several receivers to the one recording device, for instance a security DVR.

The Cons of Digital Wireless Cameras

  • There is only on disadvantage the system is more expensive than an Analog, but the benefits far out way the costs.

Wireless technology is becoming more popular, they are very cost effective, and are an excellent way to have a comprehensive surveillance camera system installed into your home or business, without expensive installations.  Using wireless in rented homes or apartments is idea as there is no need extension cables through the walls and ceilings, therefore no need to get your landlords approval to install wireless security camera systems.

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