Spy Camera Beverly Hills

Specializing in design and installation of hidden and spy camera Beverley Hill camera security systems, we have the

Spy Camera Beverly Hill
Spy Camera Beverly Hill

complete range of different cameras on display at our offices in Los Angeles for demonstrations.

If you want to see and get complete information and detaisl on the available spy camera systems in Beverley Hills, we’ll be pleased to explain how security systems with spy cameras operate and demonstrate the full functionality of the digital video and spy cameras.

Advanced spy camera systems in Beverley Hills

With a full product range of spy camera systems at our showroom, we understand the sensitive nature of the security that you may need to deal with and hence, we can custom design spy camera systems for your office or home needs.

Hidden spy cameras are available in a wide range of inconspicuous looking everyday objects that are indistinguishable from real life objects that people use everyday.

Most of these resemble or are form fitted as motion detectors, smoke detectors, thermostats, clocks and others. Spy

Spy Camera Beverly Hill
Spy Camera Beverly Hill

camera Beverley Hill service has a whole range on display and we would be happy to provide you with details and other pertinent information if you would like to come and see them or set up an appointment for a live demonstration.

High clarity spy camera DVR

With standalone and computer based digital video recorders on display, we at spy camera Beverly Hill can give you a real time demo of the different functionalities.

In simpler terms, a PC based security system is more powerful as it has the leverage os video analytics software that can run on it while the standalone systems do not have software analytics that can be done simultaneously.

On the other hand, a standalone spy camera system is more durable and does not crash easily. Additionally, for coveted video surveillance, we can design and install customized spy camera Beverley Hill systems after a detailed survey of the property or building.

With an assortment of advanced technical surveillance devices and equipment, all such systems will be completely invisible while providing you with high resolution digital videos and images.

Spy Camera Beverly Hill
Spy Camera Beverly Hill

Installation of spy camera systems

As the hidden or spy cameras are available in different forms, we can install them to merge with the area throughout the property, building or estate.

Most of them look like alarm sensors, smoke detectors, climate control thermostats and clocks amidst other common forms not usually visible to a layman.

These spy cameras are connected to the PC based DVR or Standalone units for video monitoring and are easily fitted within standalone units to be hidden more easily.

You can come and visit our showroom and see how inconspicuous the spy cameras look as real time objects. We can configure systems to ensure that they are low maintenance requiring no manual supervision from the home owner.

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