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The Importance of Commercial Security Systems Los Angeles


One of the most important parts of owning a commercial business is protecting it. It is essential that businesses have commercial security systems in Los Angeles, and everywhere else for that matter. Making sure your patron’s, staff, and any potential patron’s are safe when they enter your establishment. Keeping them safe should be of the utmost importance.

Below we will show you the importance of having a commercial security system.

Risk Assessments-

When it comes to the risk assessment observe as much as you can. This can be done by walking the entire grounds. Look for weak areas, such as poor lighting, broken or damaged entry ways, broken or damaged windows. Take the time to also evaluate the window frames and door frames for any damage this will help you when determining your new security systems plan.

Assess all the lights throughout the property. Do they need light bulbs? Are there any spots without lighting? Do you have motion sensors? Are they working properly?

Key Usage: If you have a current key system of access to your property you may think of changing that system as well. Ask yourself do you currently use keys for entry? Are the locks secure?  Are the locks broken anywhere? Who has access to the keys? Have any copies been made? Were they returned properly?

Evaluations and Upgrading-

If you have any of the above problems listed then you could have problems with break-ins, vandalism, and theft. It’s time to evaluate your commercial property. Damaged door and windows should be replaced as soon as possible this gives burglars a chance to gain entry. Any place where there is low lighting or no lighting should also be fixed.

Burglars rarely go where they can be easily spotted. Motion sensors, flood lights, and other eliminating areas deter burglars from coming on your property or trying to get into your property.

Commercial security systems often come with motion sensors on the equipment to spot and record anything on the outside of your grounds moving. Now this can include a stray dog or cat too, but rather be safe than sorry.

Upgrading to a Commercial Security System-

Upgrading to a commercial security system in Los Angeles can seem overwhelming but if you understand the layout of your property and the weaker areas you can get it done pretty efficiently. There are several things to consider when looking for a commercial security system.

Identify your weak points and how they can be protected is the first step. How many security cameras will be needed to cover your property? Do you need motion sensors and movement trackers to cover your grounds? Are you looking to replace key usage? If so do you want keypads, card keys, etc..?  If you said yes to any number of these questions you should consider getting your commercial security system right away.

Commercial Security Systems-

There are several commercial security systems that can protect your staff and patron’s, while on your premises and also when no one is even on the grounds. Quite often just having a commercial security system can deter burglars from attempting to break-in or vandalize your property.

Adding additional lighting, fencing off the perimeter, and locking up can keep crime down. But for your added peace of mind a commercial security system on your property can be tracked and accessed from virtually anywhere these days. You can have remote access to your security system right off your mobile device, home desk top, and even a laptop on the couch.

What to look for in Your Commercial Security System-

When you are considering a commercial security system there are several features you should know about. These features are designed to give you freedom of control whether you’re on the premises or not. They also help you to secure the entire grounds. We have listed some of the most important features below.

Wide Angle & HD video –

The wide angle lens allows you to see a wider view of the grounds on each camera. This will help you in possibly reducing the amount of cameras you would need overall. The HD on the camera will give you 1080p to produce a clearer picture for your video recordings. It helps you see more clearly whose entering and exiting your premises.

Remote Access & Cloud backup-

The remote access features allows you to see from a live feed on your security system anywhere you choose including but not limited to another city. With two-way communication you can also speak to the person in front of the camera, while you’re off site to alert them that law enforcement has been called and are on the way.

The cloud backup allows you to store the footage to be access on any device anytime you want. This will help in the event of a break-in or other crime.

Motion Sensors & Automation-

With the motion sensors feature your cameras will only turn on when someone is in the general view of that camera. This will prevent excess footage from being developed. After all you don’t want to sift through hours of footage if nothing is going on right?

Additionally there are movements tracking features on the commercial security cameras that will turn on when movement is sensed and follow or track them throughout the room. This will allow you to see exactly what they were doing in there.

In Conclusion-

There are several great ways to keep your property safe. Commercial security systems can be customized to fit your needs. There are many features designed to assist you in making the property safer for you, your staff, and your patron’s.

Finding out what the right features are, determining the right amount of cameras, and what CCTV system you need to go on your property can be done with a few questions to your local commercial security system installer in Los Angeles.

It’s all there at your finger tips, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself, and get your commercial security system in Los Angeles today and protect yourself and your business!


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