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CCTV Security Camera Installation in Los Angeles


With the economical hardships the world is facing now days and the loss of jobs and finances it is making many people more desperate than ever. This has caused a spike in burglary, and violent home invasions. Safety and security are becoming a greater concern for homeowners.

While it is always easier to do your own home security installation it is not advised or recommended. There are many reasons why you should have CCTV security camera installation done by a professional. And there are several things to consider before you get your security system.

When it comes to CCTV Security Camera Installation in Los Angeles you will find a few tips to remember.

Planning & Placement-

Planning out where you are going to put your security system is an important part of the process. Evaluating what areas of your home needs extra security can be done with the help of a security system installer. There are some tips they can advise you on such as:

Double security: Extra security on the main entry door can assist you in the event of a break in. One camera placed above the door mainly covers the top view exposing the faces of those at the door. But it is usually no help when trying to determine what they are doing.

An additional long view camera can also give you an additional layer of protection revealing what they are doing at your entry way. This will also give you additional evidence in the event of a break in or home evasion.

Note: Remember that 34% of burglars come through the main entry way. And 24% of burglars come in through the back & side entry ways.

Be sure to look for main electrical wires and water pipes avoiding these locations for placement of the cameras. It is recommended they be placed way from high voltage areas. Low voltage areas of the house like phone, audio/video, and data locations are typically fine. Use of weather proofing, and mesh are also advised to keep the equipment safe and secure once installed.

Use of mesh can keep debris from hitting the camera itself. It can also deter burglars from throwing things at your camera causing damage. Keeping it covered can also keep it safe from falling debris and wind damage depending on its outside location.





Features for your security system:

There are several features you can now use to help you keep secure while you’re at home and when you’re away. Knowing that these features are available is a great start. Asking a professional installer to elaborate on them will help you better understand why you may or may not need them for your home.

Having a CCTV Security System installer can also help you understand what other features are available to you that you don’t even know about. Many CCTV Security Camera System installers have years of knowledge on this technology and can save you time and research on these items. Listed below are a few features that maybe available for your security camera systems.

A few features are listed below:

Multi-Channel Recording – This is used when you have several cameras throughout the inside and outside of your home. It offers the ability to come back and view in part or all the recording the camera has on it. It can also record several channels on your system simultaneously.

Two-way Voice Communication- Allows you to hear and speak to whoever is in your home. With a built in speaker and a microphone you can communicate at any location. It also allows the system to record the voice and sound of what is going on while recording the video.

Cloud Storage- The cloud storage feature allows you to upload and store all the recordings providing you with unlimited access and safety. Cloud storage has extra safety processes to keep your recordings safe and secure. It also gives you the ability to access the recordings from anywhere and off any computer or device.

Night Vision- This night vision allows you to see who is at your door at night, and what they are doing outside your door even when it is dark. Be sure you check at what distance the night vision feature can record at before you purchase it.






Additional Tips-

There is so much that goes into the process of CCTV Security camera system installation we are sharing a few additional tips with you on CCTV Security cameras.

  • Be sure to map the areas you are looking at for your new system
  • Be sure the walls you are planning on using are clear of high-voltage wires and cables
  • Be sure to know how many channels are needed for your system. Each channel only represents one camera.

If you are using several cameras throughout your home and outside your home you will need a more complex system. A CCTV Security System Installer can help you to determine what size your system should be and how many channels you will ideally need to sufficiently secure your home.

In Conclusion-

When it comes to CCTV Security Camera installation in Los Angeles you can decide to try and do it yourself but it is much easier and defiantly more efficient to have a professional install your system. There are many important elements to connecting your new system. In addition to ensure it safe installation a professional installer can ensure that it is being done properly the first time and you are getting what you need for your home.

If you are not familiar with security camera installation you may miss out on features that will benefit your home and its security. This is knowledge that security system installers have and can share with you. They also understand how to implement these features into your home’s security system.

So if you are considering getting a new CCTV Security camera system be sure to consult a professional first to see what would be required for your homes security.





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