Are you looking for security camera monitoring companies Los Angeles? This is the perfect place. Installing security cameras around your Los Angeles property provides an extra layer of protection and surveillance. However, to get the most value from your camera system, the footage needs to be actively monitored by professionals. Security camera monitoring services watch your cameras 24/7 and can dispatch help during incidents. With so many monitoring companies available, it’s important to pick the right one for your needs.

What kind of monitor should I get for security cameras?

Here are some recommendations on choosing a good monitor for your security camera system:

– Resolution – Select a monitor with a resolution that matches or exceeds the resolution of your security cameras. For 1080p cameras, a 1920×1080 monitor is ideal. This will ensure footage appears sharp.

Size – Bigger screens make it easier to see small details in footage. For 4-16 camera systems, a 32″ monitor is good. For larger systems, consider a wall-mounted 40-60″ monitor or multiple monitors.

– Aspect Ratio – Match the aspect ratio of the monitor to your cameras, usually 16:9 for modern systems. The footage will display without black bars on the monitor.

– Features – Look for a monitor with features like HDMI/BNC inputs to connect cameras, on-screen display menu, and video loop out to connect multiple monitors.

– Reliability – Choose a commercial or industrial grade monitor designed for continual use, not a basic consumer model. Commercial models have better lifespans.

– Viewing Angles – Monitors with wide viewing angles of 178° ensure the video displays clearly when viewed from multiple angles, like when walking by.

– Budget – Prices range widely based on features and sizes. Expect to spend $200 to $800+ for a quality security camera monitor.

– Tech Support – Choose a monitor brand that offers customer support to help with any setup or usage issues.

Paying attention to these factors will help you select a well-suited security camera monitor within your budget. High resolution, adequate size, and reliability are key.

Security Camera Monitoring Companies In Los Angeles- SCSCCTVIs CCTV better on TV or monitor?

There are pros and cons to using a TV vs a dedicated CCTV monitor for your security camera system. Here is a comparison:

TV Pros:

– Cost – TVs are often cheaper than commercial CCTV monitors of the same size. Good for limited budgets.

– Size – Consumer TVs come in very large sizes up to 85″ for a cinematic CCTV viewing experience.

– Features – Modern smart TVs offer features like motion activated display, split screens, and compatibility with camera apps.

– Availability – TVs are widely available from most electronics stores. Easy to purchase locally.

CCTV Monitor Pros:

– Image Quality – Monitors made specifically for CCTV have optimized image processing for sharper video.

– Durability – Commercial monitors have better components to withstand 24/7, continuous operation for years.

– Video Inputs – CCTV monitors usually have BNC, RCA, and HDMI inputs to easily connect security cameras.

– Display Controls – CCTV monitors include integrated controls for functions like zoom, freeze frame, sequence switching, etc.

– Glare Handling – CCTV monitors often have protective screens to cut glare and enhance visibility in bright rooms.

– Support – Specialized CCTV display brands offer better technical support for surveillance setup issues.

In summary, CCTV monitors are best for critical security applications where image quality, durability and CCTV-specific features are needed. But TVs can work well for more casual monitoring purposes on a budget.

Tips for Choosing Security Camera Monitoring Companies in Los Angeles

Follow these tips to choose the best security camera monitoring service in Los Angeles:

Consider Local Security Camera Monitoring Companies Los Angeles

Prioritize security monitoring companies with central stations located in the greater Los Angeles area. Local providers can offer faster emergency response times if an incident occurs. Local companies with LA-based dispatchers also have enhanced knowledge of the geography, police jurisdictions, and other local nuances that can aid emergency response.

Look for UL Certified Monitoring Centers

Companies with monitoring centers certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) have met stringent standards for equipment, alarm monitoring procedures, backup systems, cybersecurity, staff training and more. UL certification provides assurance the monitoring center follows top industry standards for security and reliability.

Check Monitoring Response Time

Monitoring centers should be able to view your alarm in under 10 seconds and contact authorities within 60 seconds. The quicker a monitoring center can view and react to incidents picked up by security cameras, the better. Fast response times can stop crimes in progress and protect assets.

Assess Technology Integration

A monitoring center needs the ability to integrate with modern IP-based security cameras and smart home platforms. They should offer advanced monitoring solutions like video verification, smartphone app access, and integration with systems like CCTV and access control. The right integration allows seamless camera monitoring.

Compare Monitoring Packages

Monitoring centers offer different service packages based on factors like the number of cameras, types of alarms monitored, notification systems, and monthly costs. Choose a package suited to your specific security camera setup and budget. Packages can range from basic video monitoring to advanced systems with motion-triggered recording.

Review Patrol Response Options

Many monitoring companies partner with local patrol services that can be dispatched to respond on-site if your cameras detect an incident. Review these partnerships and response procedures. Faster in-person response can improve outcomes of camera-detected events.

Ask About Cybersecurity From Security Camera Monitoring Companies Los Angeles

It’s vital the monitoring center has robust measures to prevent hacking of your camera feeds. Ask about their cybersecurity protections like encrypted camera connections, firewalls, password policies, and measures to guard against DDoS attacks. Your privacy should be protected.

Consider Video Verification

Video verification means human monitoring agents visually confirm any detected camera alarm before contacting authorities. This avoids costly false alarm fees if motion turned out to be a stray cat rather than an intruder. Go with a monitoring company that provides thorough video verification.

Look for Redundant Monitoring

A professional monitoring center should have redundant systems in place so monitoring continues even if the main system has an outage. Make sure the facility has reliable backup power, internet and multiple monitoring banks to avoid any lapses.

Review Staff Training

Monitoring personnel should be highly trained in assessing security camera footage and correctly reacting during incidents. Look for companies that put agents through rigorous training on factors like alarm verification, emergency protocols, and communication with authorities.

Compare Monthly Fees

Monitoring fees vary between companies based on the services offered. Calculate the monthly costs for monitoring your specific number of cameras and features. Go with the provider that offers the best value aligned with your budget. Be wary of prices that seem unrealistically low.

Consider Customer Service

Even after installation, you’ll have ongoing interactions with the monitoring service related to technical issues, video storage, contract changes, and more. Ensure they have stellar customer service and responsive account managers available when needed.

Check The Reputation Of Security Camera Monitoring Companies Los Angeles

Research and monitoring the company thoroughly before signing a contract. Look for numerous positive customer reviews praising their service and responsiveness. Avoid companies with a pattern of service complaints. A reputable provider cares about protecting your assets.

Choosing the right security camera monitoring service is critical to getting full value from your surveillance system. Follow these tips to find an established Los Angeles company that aligns with your budget, needs and property type. With diligent monitoring from experienced personnel, you can feel confident your property is protected 24/7.

Security Camera Monitoring Companies near Los Angeles- SCSCCTVWhy Choose SCSCCTV Among The Security Camera Monitoring Companies Los Angeles?

Here are some of the top reasons to choose our company for your security camera monitoring needs:

  • Reliable Monitoring – Our monitoring center is staffed 24/7 to provide live monitoring of your cameras with quick response times. You can trust we’ll be watching and ready to act if an incident occurs.
  • Experienced Agents – Our monitoring agents are extensively trained to accurately assess security footage and handle alarm events appropriately. We invest heavily in ongoing training to maintain effectiveness.
  • Customizable Plans – We offer flexible monitoring plans that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Get just the features and level of monitoring your property demands.
  • Video Verification – We use video verification on all alarm events to visually confirm activity before contacting authorities. This avoids false alarms and accidental Emergency Dispatch calls.
  • Fast Local Response – Our local fleet of licensed response officers can be at your property in minutes if unauthorized activity is spotted. We dispatch the nearest available unit.
  • Latest Technology – Our monitoring center uses cutting-edge surveillance technology for seamless integration with the latest camera equipment and smart home platforms.
  • Cyber Protection – Robust cybersecurity measures like encryption and firewalls are utilized to protect the privacy of your camera feeds and prevent hacking.
  • Post-Install Support – Our team provides ongoing technical support, maintenance, software updates, and upgrades to keep your system functioning optimally after initial installation.
  • Reputation – As a leading local provider of Great Western Security, our outstanding reputation and hundreds of satisfied Los Angeles clients speak for themselves.

For reliable, professional security camera monitoring that leverages today’s best technology to protect your assets, choose our team.


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