Top 5 Questions for Home Security Companies Los Angeles


Quite often we have questions and don’t ask them. Whether it’s because we are unsure, don’t want to be embarrassed or even just trying to be polite when it comes to your home security you should simply ask. The protection of your home should be top on your list. Getting it done can be a long process but it’s a small price for peace of mind.

When you want to decide on protection for you home its important to know your options, know about the company you are intrusting it too, and even to understand how all the features you may need actually work.

5 Important questions to ask your home security companies in Los Angeles:

Question 1 How long have they been in business?

This question is important because you need to know how much experience the company has in this industry. It is important to locate a company that is reputable and stable. Especially if you intend to have your home security system for a long time!

Question 2 Are you certified?

This question is to see if they have all their papers. After all how can you be the best without your own paperwork? It is important for the person coming to your home to be licensed if they are installing a wired home security system.

Question 3 How long is your company’s response time in the event of an alarm system problem?

Be sure that the home security company has its own monitoring center or you may be stuck waiting on someone else to assist you. Some large security companies work from one city while monitoring in another city. While this is okay in some cases you need to know that before you get your home security system installed.

Question 4 What brand of equipment do they use?

While you have probably already done your own homework and looked up the types of equipment available, asking them what types they have over the phone before they even come out is a wise decision. Be sure to review it and have some idea about the equipment when they come to your home.

This will help you better understand what they are saying, as well as helping you when it comes to deciding what features and what equipment you need as well.




Question 5 Is there equipment proprietary or non-proprietary?

If the equipment is proprietary it means that it mostly only works with their company. So in the event that you move you probably will need to get more equipment. If the home security companies equipment turns out to be non-proprietary that means that it can pretty much work anywhere so in the event that you move you can likely take it with you.

Tips to improve your home security:

Secure & Use your Garage:

We don’t often think of the garage as a weak spot of our home. But when it comes to home security it is important to evaluate the entire home & property. The Garage is one often over looked but easily accessible. When it comes to garages several are detached but it still doesn’t make them less of a target. Quite often things are stored there that are of some value to the thieves.

If you have an attached garage you are giving the thieves access to your home. This can be an easy way into your home. Use your garage and keep you car in it. It makes it harder for them to see if you are home or not. This will deter them a lot of times from coming into your home through this access point.

Getting a P.O. Box:

This is important if you travel a lot. Piled up mail is a sure sign you are gone. This way when traveling you won’t need to worry about your home being vandalized. Or you can have a neighbor collect your mail each time you are away.

Changing Locks:

This may seem like a common sense issue many homeowners forget to change the locks each time someone moves out. This makes the home vulnerable when it comes to home security. Getting the locks changed prevents old tenants, old friends, etc… from having access to your home

Door Armor Kits:

These are especially handy if your doors are not strong or have some weak spots. Door Armor uses heavy duty striking plates that avoid break ins. These kits also offer longer screws, ad metal frames to give the hinge some security.




In Conclusion:

When it comes to home security companies in Los Angeles there is still a lot to learn. Finding the right one that is reputable, customer-oriented, and responsive will help you get the most use out of your home security system. Finding out how experienced they are will help you understand more about who they are as a company. Be sure that they have non-proprietarily equipment to allow you to be more flexible in the event that you decide to get a new provider.

Expanding on a few DIY jobs around the home might help you to keep the home more secure. There are several things you can do such as changing the locks, diverting the mail either to a P.O. Box or a friend’s home.

You should probably avoid using some large third-party monitoring services. They often have tens of thousands contracts and fall behind on proper customer service and one on one services. if you want one on one contact with the monitoring services this will help you in the long run. However not all large monitoring services are proprietary some will also assist you on a one on one basis so be sure you research the ones you are interested in from the beginning.

Be sure to use the tips above to help you own home become more secure and protected. When it comes to asking questions don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, after all you are the customer they are there for you.










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