Hidden Security Camera Systems

Hidden Security Camera Systems

Hidden Security Camera Systems

Hidden security camera systems are used for surveillance monitoring and covert operations.  Many of the modern systems are hidden color cameras.  There are times when covert digital video recording is required and today with 21st century technology, this sort of equipment is available and also priced reasonably.

Hidden security camera systems are designed to be disguised or hidden in objects that you don’t realize have a camera installed.  They can be used to monitor employees in a company, your babysitter, for covert surveillance.  With advances in security camera technology, many hidden cameras are miniaturized and are created to be disguised as a number of different objects.

Wired or wireless

When choosing a hidden security camera system, you have a choice of wired or wireless systems.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Wired can be used over a larger distance, but require to be connected to a power supply with cables, wireless on the other hand are easier to install, don’t need wires or cables, can be installed anywhere without a lot of fuss.   When you choose a wireless camera look for the 2.4GHz frequency, this has reduced interference and very good image transmission.  Choosing wireless security camera systems that uses rechargeable batteries makes installing the system so much easier.

Color or black and white

You also have a choice of black and white or color systems for your hidden camera system.   Using color camera you are afforded more information, for instance color will give details like color of people’s clothing or color of vehicle.  Black and white offer overall a better resolution and operates better in low light. Understanding the resolution you will find that it is specified in the number of horizontal lines the camera will use to paint the image.   Most typical resolutions are for color camera 280 lines, and black and white 400 lines.

With low light sensitivity the values used are called LUX, color camera use 1 LUX value whereas black and white usually goes down to 0.5 LUX.  For one of the best results choose a black and white model with X-vision, this technology allows very clear and sharp images that go down to .003 LUX.  By way of comparison a 1 LUX will give you vision of around evening or a well lit car park by comparison .05 LUX offers a greater clarity and ability to ‘see’ better than one would with an unaided naked human eye.

Where do you want to hide your hidden security camera

Choosing the intended location for the hidden security camera, this determines the types of objects that can be used to hide the camera.  For example, you can hide a camera in a teddy bear in your childs nursery, or in a can opener in your kitchen, a room fan, the wall thermostat, in a cordless phone there are so many places that a hidden security camera system can be placed.

There are various factors to consider choosing a hidden security camera system, our company Los Angeles CCTV Camera Specialists can help you in your choice of security systems that you wish to install. Our technicians are able to offer unmatched customer service, top class solutions and technical support, and we also offer very competitive pricing all good reasons to use our services for your home or business security.

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