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Standalone Digital Video Recorder

The digital video recorder is a relatively new technology that allows for the storage of video data stream sent from directly from digital surveillance cameras. They come in a variety of form factors but broadly speaking they can be broken into two categories, PC based and Standalone systems. The PC based system is as it sounds, an ordinary personal computer such as a Dell or an HP with a special DVR card installed. A standalone system does not require a personal computer; all of the necessary electronics are housed within the box itself. An ordinary computer monitor can be hooked up to the standalone system if the property owner wishes to view the data stream though this is not strictly speaking necessary in order for the system to work. A monitor can be hooked up at any time. For example a system owner can leave the system running without a monitor and should an incident take place the owner can then hook up a monitor and view it.

Digital Video Recorders are further broken down by the number of channels that they have.  The number of channels determines the number of cameras that they want to hook up. The number of cameras is of course determined by your own objectives and budget. Digital Video Recorder Los Angeles has technicians that can visit your home and help you determine the appropriate amount of cameras for your property. In doing so we can determine the correct digital video recorder for your needs and also perhaps size up a  few channels should you decide to add cameras at some future date.

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