Tips for Your HD Camera Installation Los Angeles


People search for cameras for all sorts of reasons. The purpose for your search is just as important as the quality and capabilities of your camera. Placement of your camera is important as well. When it comes to HD camera installation in Los Angeles it is important that you think of your purpose for your surveillance and location of the cameras before connecting your system.

Below are some tips to help you out:


The placement of your HD camera is important, it is necessary to consider what you need the camera there for before you put it up. Different types of camera have different features, and lengths of sight. Ensure that the camera will be able to view the area you want covered at that location. Below are a few important of the most important places to cover.

Front Door-

At this location there should be dual coverage. Over 34% of burglars choose to enter through the front door. In the event of a home invasion it is important to have this entry covered both at a top view and a long angle view to see who they are and exactly what they are doing just before they come in. You should also have motion tracking so the camera will follow their steps.

Back & Side Doors-

If they feel they cannot get in through the main entrance side and back doors are next of course. It is also important to over these ends if you own a commercial property because most vandals and burglars feel they are not covered as well.

Note: “About 20-25% of Burglars come in through the back and side doors.”

Backyard, Gate, and Off Street Windows

These areas are also vulnerable when it comes to security. Many times we leave expense or quick theft items out without thinking. Thieves often reach in and take them out of opportunity. However if you use motion sensors, and floodlights throughout the property they will be less likely to try it.

Also placement of a camera at the gate will help you to identify who’s there before they even get on the property. If you have a commercial property a camera located at the gate is essential.



Basement –

Use of cameras with motion sensors, movement trackers, and even infrared night vision can keep you safe from surprise attacks. Thieves can come in through hatches and small basement windows throughout the night without warning.

Some Additional Camera Features –

Camera Lens

Some cameras have wide angle lenses which allow you to see more of a chosen area at one time. Although with this choice keep in mind that the image looks a bit further away making a bit harder to see all the details. With a narrow angled lens it shows or covers less of a particular area but the image will look closer. Keep this in mind when choosing which type of security cameras to put throughout your property.

Tamper Alerts

This feature comes with some camera systems. It is useful for those who are not always manning the security system. It will let you know immediately if someone is tampering with your security system.

Two –Way communication

This allows you to hear what’s going on in your home through an app, and gives you the option to speak to them. Great for keeping an additional eye on your family, informing the burglars that you have alerted the authorities, or even checking on and communicating with employees who are securing your commercial properties.

Camera Types

Bullet Cameras – These forms of cameras are shaped like a bullet and can be used indoors/outdoors. They are weatherproofed allowing them to be out in the elements with a rubber ring that protects the base from dust, dirt, and water from damaging its components.

Dome Cameras – These cameras are great for being an eye in the sky. They can blend in to the décor. Many are used in homes, retail locations, restaurants, even casinos. It is difficult to tell where the lens is facing; it has video res of 1080p, with IR Rating of 50-100ft, and lens size of between 2mm-12mm.

Live Streaming Cameras – These cameras are great for indoor usage but if you are intending to use them indoors be sure to ensure it is weatherproof and has protection from falling or flying debris.

Hidden Cameras – These types of cameras are good for places you don’t want anyone to know you have surveillance. The often have dual functions for instance if it comes within a wall clock is can be used as the camera and a wall clock function as well. It is nice for offices and in the home as a nanny cam.

Wireless Cameras – These are CCTV Closed- Circuit and they transmit their video and audio through a wireless receiver. It used to be common place for analog but now they are mostly Digital wireless these days. If you are getting a wireless camera it is wise to ask the HD Camera installer if the camera is digital because some of the lower budget ones are still working on analog.

A Few More Additional Tips –

  • Hidden Cameras sometimes have time scheduled recording, still image capturing features
  • Cameras should be placed out of reach from any tampering hands
  • Be sure you consider which type of viewing angle you need for your property
  • Ask the HD Camera Installer which type of lens would be best for your location
  • Double check the HD cameras weather proofing
  • You can change the frames per second from30-15 and use motion sensors to save space on your memory. This can triple your space.

In Conclusion –

When it comes to securing your property there are a lot of things to consider. Making sure you get the right cameras, in the right locations, and the right security system to ensure the safety of the ones you love, your employees, and whoever comes on your property it is best to have a professional HD camera installation in Los Angeles. This will ensure it is done the way you need it, the first time around.




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